about electric motoring


As with all battery-operated product, an electric car likewise has to be constantly stay charged in order to operate. Though unlike conventional cars that can be filled up on a single visit to the gas station to last the motorist for days, the electric car practically has to be recharged, even on a daily basis.



The most common reason electric cars are recharged regularly is the fear of “running out of power”, especially driving into uncertain routes. Owners therefore recharge their cars regularly out of “psychological comfort”, just like any electrical mobile item.

Imagine, doing these daily charge-ups is akin to visiting the gas station everyday for the rest of one’s electric motoring life.



Electric cars by typically are charged by means of manually connecting (and disconnecting) a cable linking the EVSE (electric vehicle charging station) to the car’s charging port. To do this regularly is not only a burden, but also a hassle for one’s busy daily schedule.