product information

types of electric vehicles for use with robocharger

Robocharger is primarily for use with electrically driven vehicles like Plug-In Hybrid Cars, & Pure Electric Cars.




Model Options

There are two basic model options: -

1)  One is an Out-Of-Box kit arm for DIY mounting on roof cargo rail. This is sold as a standalone product, which means it can be installed on any electric car that do not have the self-charging feature designed for the car. Ownership is also portable & reusable, as the arm can be easily dismounted & re-installed into another electric car.

2)  The other is a Factory-Fitted arm sold as an add-on optional accessory with the electric car. This model is designed specifically matching to the car body shape and is concealed within the roof of the car. This can also be installed onto the car at any time later by the dealership, or by an experienced technician.



Cost Effectiveness & Practicality

Consumers know that purchasing the electric car with on-board robotic arm will have the carry-over value recovered when they sell the car later, as with all cars loaded with premium options are sold at higher value.

Consumers also need not pay “out-of-pocket” for the robotic arm when they purchase it as an option together with the electric car, as the purchase could be part of the entire car-financing package as a whole.

Electric car owners who have not purchase the arm with the car, will still have the option to have it installed later once they got tired of manual charging, or would like to do away with the loose cables for convenience & safety concerns.



Robocharger versus Long-Range Models

The notion of buying a long-range electric car, which need not be charge that frequently. However the much higher cost of a long-range car, and carrying that extra battery weight (which reduces car performance) does not justify a typical less than 40km daily mileage use by most motorists.

Instead with a cheaper & lighter car, and the many self-charging points along major highways, it makes better sense for multiple charges in that occasional long distance use, and regular recharge at home for regular use. The benefits of autonomous regular recharge thus surpass in economic sense over long-range models.