Self-Charging cars

Robocharger is a patented technology for autonomous charging for electrically driven vehicles.

It introduces to the world a truly new class of vehicles call “Self-Charging Cars” (SCC). A fully evolved smart hybrid/ electric car with the capability to charge itself. 

It can even "feed" itself off the street lamp-post when it sense that its low on fuel.

The robotic arm is fully recessed & concealed into the roof of the car.

Bluemass Robotics was founded by Lawrence Sim.

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robotic charger

Robocharger provides an indispensable value solution for hybrid / electric car users with a fully automated self-charging functionality, eliminating the chore for manual charging.

It takes away the tedious chore out of the equation in electric car ownership, and liberating owners to simply enjoy electric motoring.

The flexibility of the robotic arm is a distinct advantage in the ability to charge cars parked in different positions. A patented technological superiority of Robocharger.

green technology

Alternative green energy cars like Hybrids and Electric Cars offer a sustainable clean transportation solution. Autonomous driving technology is also being developed to further the technological advancement of electric cars as a mode of road transportation into the future. Robocharger is on this same journey in support for the quest of a carbon-less environment for humanity.

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